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Batumi – the Las Vegas of Georgia (With Sea).

Batumi – the Las Vegas of Georgia (With Sea).

Batumi was founded in the XIII century. In old times traders from Greece would come here to show off their goods. locals, on the other hand, would intrigue them with delicious wines and gold trinkets. To this day, it’s trading capital of Georgia and its economic significance can’t be underestimated. Population 152 839, second biggest in Georgia.

For most of its history, Batumi was a small fishing village with a port. Transition to its current stage was very gradual. Famous Batumi boulevard was planned all the way back in 1881. Slowly Batumi worked its way towards a small city but during the presidency of Mikhail Saakashvili development of Batumi became his number one priority. Mr Saakashvili attracted countless foreign investors which made Batumi the city that it is right now, with skyscrapers, public squares and beautiful infrastructure. The change was so drastic that by comparing Batumi from 20 Years ago to today, you won't believe the changes. Batumi is built for tourists' enjoyment; its recreational possibilities are countless. Batumi on average gets 300-350 thousand tourists per month during the summer season.

Batumi improved massively with its education facilities also. Shota Rustaveli State University is one of the top universities in Georgia and it gives its students the luxury of studying in the subtropical paradise.

There's a lot to see in this never-sleeping city. Enjoy Batumi Botanical Garden, Walk on Boulevard and take in impressive Architecture and views of the sea. Then go to Piazza Square and enjoy the breath-taking scenery. Attend the Dolphin Show, favourite place of locals and be amazed by these beautiful creatures. Don’t forget about the booming nightlife, with bars and clubs for memorable nights with music and lights. For those who want more of Georgia's beautiful nature, they can to Makhunseti waterfall. Batumi is made to be fun, go and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

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