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Kakheti - Capital of Bread & Wine.

Kakheti - Capital of Bread & Wine.

Georgia is the blessed land of hospitality, built up by a policy of Bread & Wine. This region holds this policy extremely close to the heart. Located east of Tbilisi on plains of Alazani river is gorgeous - Kakheti. Filled with vineyards and vine houses, most notably - Chateau Mukhrani. The residency of prince Mukhranbatonis’ dynasty that dates all the way back to 1512.


Unique esthetic.

Kakheti is famous for its concept of “Wine Route”. While travelling alongside the road, you’ll see road signs leading to this “Wine Routes” where you can literally stop by any house, make yourself a guest and be welcomed with opened hands and bottles of wine by the locals. For a very small price, you’ll be able to taste a wide variety of homemade wines and a huge fourchette of Georgian cuisine! Some wine routes are open year-round but the best time to visit them is in summer and especially in autumn – when the grapes are being collected.


Notable Locations.

Main cities are Telavi – The capital of municipality and Signagi – City of love. So many couples come to Signagi to get married here because this small town carries countless tales of love and affection. One of the most famous stories is of an extremely talented and well celebrated Georgian Painter Niko Pirosmani. While living here Niko fell in love with a foreign dancer - Margaret De Sevri, she was also staying in Signagi. In 1909 Niko sold everything that he possessed and bought an “ocean of million red roses” for his love.

Kakheti is also distinct by its nature. Here the climate ranges from mountainous and snowy north to dry and hot south-east half dessert. It's an amazing place for hiking by the riverside or in National Parks of Vashlovani and Lagodekhi. The area is also filled with historic churches like Alaverdi, Bodbe, Nekresi and David Gareja – the church built inside the cave. Kakheti is an amazing place for relaxation and a good time. The highest quality resort is undeniably Lopota Lake, where you can enjoy many facilities for full calming of yourself, horse rides and much more. Definitely put Kakheti as one of the top destinations on your Wishlist and get ready to feel the next level of hospitality!


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