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Kutaisi – the Natural Pearl of West Georgia.

Kutaisi – the Natural Pearl of West Georgia.

Kutaisi was founded in the middle of the VIII Century. Throughout all its history, it was one of the most important cities in Georgia. It’s culturally and industrially significant and has served as an undisputed capital of west Georgia for more than a thousand years. Today Kutaisi is the third biggest city with a population of 147,000 people. An active Parliament of Georgia is located here.

Kutaisi comes second after Tbilisi with its educational facilities. There are 17 Universities here, main ones include: A. Tsereteli State University, University of Law and Economics of Kutaisi, etc. The government has huge plans for Kutaisi, they want to work towards making it a new educational capital and the city of students.

It’s impossible to overlook the breath-taking sites that this city has to offer. Most of them are protected by UNESCO heritage as a true historical and natural wonders. XII century Gelati Monastery, where King David the Builder lies - one of the greatest kings of Georgia. X Century Bagrati Cathedral and XI century Motsameta Monastery are also magnificent. The pre-historic caves of Prometheus and Sataplia are wonderful places to visit and most unusual and amazing is Katskhi Pillar, 40 meters long thin natural pillar with a small church on top of it. Still not impressed? What about, not one, but two natural canyons of Martvili and Okatse, with rivers flowing through them, which you can peacefully traverse on boats.  This place will leave speechless every nature lover in the world.


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